Air Duct Cleaning Services

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Premium Quality Air Duct Cleaning Services

FREE  inspection of both heating and cooling systems

Since its founding, Air-santé, Air care has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Conduit d'aération rempli de poussière avant le nettoyage

Free dryer vent cleaning with our air duct cleaning services

Expert Service

Fires caused by the dryers and their soiled pipes are really much too common but can be avoided very easily.

photo après le nettoyage de conduit de sécheuse

Free BENEFECT disinfectant with every air duct cleaning services

No chemical 100% botanical

Air-santé, Air care is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Le désinfectnt Benefect san pour améliorer la quaité de l'air produit chimique




Air Duct Cleaning Services Options

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Regular Options


for a bungalow,



for a two-story house,

including all of the following:

  • cleaning of ALL main ducts;

  • cleaning of ALL vents;

  • BENEFECT disinfectant (value of $80);

  • dryer vent cleaning;

  • visual inspection of both heating and cooling systems.

* Each new access panels that have to be done $20 each.

** Each main duct needs an access panel for us to be able to hook up our vacuum  and do the job well.

Additional Options

Available offers :

  • Drywall access panel at $65 each (ONLY if needed);

  • Restricted access (attic, crawl space) at $50 or $100;

  • Air conditioner coil cleaning for $65 or $100;

  • Air conditioner condenser cleaning for $60;

  • Air exchanger cleaning for $50$100 or $200;

  • Furnace fan cleaning for $60;

  • Furnace maintenance Promo on the same day as your duct cleaning appointment for $90 (reg. $150);

  • Air conditioner servicing at  $85/h (plus parts, plus refrigerant, plus travel) (reg. $150).​

Call us for an estimate over the phone at 

Air Conditioner and Furnace Repair & Maintenance, and More

test de pression de gaz sur un fournaise durant un entretien suite a une réparation

Electric, Oil and Gas Furnace Repair & Maintenance

A certified gas technician always ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of emergency.

If you have a performance issue with your heating system and you want to find out what the problem is, the service call is at 150$*.

The annual inspection and maintenance of your gas furnace is at $150**.

* If service surpasses one hour or we find a problem or something that should  be fixed, the hourly rate is $85/h (plus parts, plus travel).

** We can also provide a quote for new units and equipment.


un technicien qui répare un climatiseur

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Maintenance & Repair

Every 2 years the maintenance of your air conditioner system should be done to prevent problems and extend its life.

The air conditioning system consists of 2 main sections, one is inside the house and the other is outside. The part inside the air duct is called the coil and must be cleaned at the same time as the duct cleaning service. The part outside the house is called the condenser.


Inspection of 2 units during a service call is $150 (plus parts, plus travel)​, followed by $85/h if needed.

R22 refrigerant is at $120/lb and R410a is at $60/lb.

Visual inspection of 2 units is free when you clean your air duct system with us.


All inclusive Deals

All Inclusive Deal for a Bungalow

(1 floor + basement)

  • Air duct cleaning (value of $150), which includes all main ducts and all vents;

  • BENEFECT disinfectant (value of $80);

  • 4 access panels (value of $80);

  • A/C coil cleaning (value of $65);

  • Furnace fan cleaning (value of $60);

  • Dryer vent cleaning (value of $50).


TOTAL $485 before taxes
PROMO at $300 before taxes

*The only thing that is not included is the air exchanger at $50 or $100.

All Inclusive Deal for a Two-Story

(2 floors + basement)

  • Air Duct cleaning (value of $200), which includes all main ducts and all vents;

  • BENEFECT disinfectant (value of $80);

  • 5 access panels (value of $100);

  • A/C coil cleaning (value of $65);

  • Furnace fan cleaning (value of $60);

  • Dryer vent cleaning (value of up to $80).

TOTAL $555 before taxes
PROMO at $350 before taxes


*The only thing that is not included is the air exchanger at $50 or $100.

** All included specials are only valid when you book your appointment with us over the phone. The regular price will be charged to the client if they choose to add anything to their current receipt on the day of the appointment **