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Reliable and honest

Fast, efficient, and honest, Air-santé, Air care has become a reputable and well-known service provider. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each services.

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This is our story

Ventilation system, a passion

8 Years ago, I started working as a subcontractor for a company named First choice home services, who have now closed their doors to go in a different direction. With the years working with them, I learned a lot about the trade and gained a lot of experience about my job. I really do love this work, because each day is different and every day we get to learn more. I like to be able to help people understand the way that their ventilation system works because most people have a preconceived idea on how they function and ignore the fact that keeping them clean and updated is very important.


I have always been an entrepreneur and the idea of having my own company has always been one of my priorities. With time I have managed to combine work with school and having a family to be able to save enough money to start my own company.Being a subcontractor and having your own company is two completely different worlds. Seriously, to everybody who has a successful company, I want to say congrats!!! Because it all comes with great sacrifice.


When First choice closed their doors, it was now or never and I decided to grab the opportunity with both hands and not let go! It has already been 3 year (May 2015) that I have started the process to own my business. I have worked very hard to succeed and have finally reached my goals!


I really want and need to say thank you to everybody that has encouraged and supported me. We are now finally ready to open our doors and serve you with the best quality service possible for I hope many years to come! 

The owner and commercial director of Air-santé, Air care Ottawa/Gatineau.  

- Mr. Gibeault

More About Us

We are supporting our troups

A work experience that I could never forget, in the world of our soldiers. This adventure started in the beginning of 2009, when I and my working partners received the confirmation by letter, that we had been chosen as a subcontracting team for a contract of 4 years with the government on the military base of Borden Ontario.


As soon as we arrived, it was like in a Hollywood movie. Armed soldiers are at the entrance gate asking for identification and the reason for your presence, each time you're coming into the base, to make sure you're not a threat to them. Military exercises are taking place right in front of you all day and all week. Planes that make the earth tremble as they pass and the visit of armored vehicles that have become historical pieces on the site are only a brief description of all the impressive things that you won't ever forget after a visit to the Canadian army territories.


After about only 3 and a half months working in Borden, we received more good news. We have been hired for a period of 4 years on a second military base, in Petawawa, also in Ontario. So from early 2009 to late 2013, we were government subcontractor on two bases of the Canadian army. I personally really learned a lot about my work, with tight schedules, you must be very efficient and productive to meet the standards in time like stipulated in each contract. From this experience, i have grown a lot professionally and also on the personal side through everything I've seen and learned about the history of our army. 


After all these years of work surrounded by them, I have the greatest respect for these people in uniform, their hard work, and discipline. We welcome you with the greatest of respect. Our company is proud to have served for over 4 years, these brave men and women who defend our values and principles around the world. We are here to continue serving you, but this time, in the comfort of your home.


And to finish this adventure and ensure that we kept good memories of it, the leaders of the Borden base made us a surprise announcement, presenting us a letter of satisfaction and recommendation outlining the high quality and high efficiency of our work in their home. It was the first time they ever give a letter like this to workers in our field. So it is with great honor, pleasure, and pride that I can tell you this story.

 The owner and commercial director of Air-santé, Air care Ottawa/Gatineau.

- M.Gibeault



Services, équipements et technicien hors du commun. Je suis très satisfaite et je recommande a tous!!!!

- Rebecca Paulino

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